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Student Testimonials

Hear what others have to say about their experiences


Louise is an exceptional teacher with a warm, friendly style. She creates a welcoming community for new students and she is adept at breaking down larger movements into easy to learn pieces. The classes have really improved my balance and I find it is a great way to relieve stress.  Whether you are a beginner, advanced, or even have a physical limitation, Louise will help you have fun and improve your practice.

Ellen Pearsall, Chapel Hill


“For both group classes at a local fitness studio or as a private Tai Chi instructor, I have found Louise Keefer to be an excellent teacher.  She has a deep understanding of the principles and  techniques involved and is a patient guide to helping one progress and grow in their own practice.

I recommend her highly.”

Alan Hecht, Chapel Hill


Louise’s patience and knowledge of what is entailed in learning this practice have been so supportive for me, and her classes have become an anchor for my weeks these last two years. With a very light hand, her teaching approach has allowed me to explore how physical balance and focus help in other areas of life, reducing stress and enhancing both my physical and emotional resilience. As I have progressed in learning the forms, I have supplemented the group classes by taking private lessons with Louise as well. In these one-on-one classes, she is able to teach me portions of the practice that were confusing me and to correct and adjust my movements and stances. My Tai Chi practice has really improved with these private lessons.

Barbara A., Carrboro

Testimonials: Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Tai chi has become a necessity in my life. For me, it is not just an exercise or something to conquer, but a way to experience a connection between body, mind and spirit on a very deep level. Louise has shown the way to not only help me learn the movements accurately, but has given me much instruction and example on the deeper, more contemplative way that Tai chi can enrich your life. I appreciate her attention to detail, and also in making the classes enjoyable and fun. She expects a lot from her students, and yet is very non-judgmental. She is someone I respect as a teacher of this marvelous art, and I would recommend her very highly as such to any and all levels of interest in Tai chi.

Caryl Price, Chapel Hill

I have been practicing Tai Chi with Louise Keefer for just over a year and have found her to be an excellent mentor/teacher. The benefits I’ve achieved from attending the basic and then the more advanced class are many. Some of the physical benefits I’ve gained from Louise’s tutoring are increased flexibility, better balance and posture, diminished back pain and the list goes on. Tai Chi sessions with Louise provide regular occasions to challenge yourself and achieve increased calm, reduce stress and thus present opportunities to experience a healthier lifestyle; both physically and emotionally. I highly recommend Louise!

Janet O'Halloran, Chapel Hilll

Testimonials: Testimonials
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